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Announcement of the 2022 CTKG

The results are in! Tune in on Wednesday, November 17th at 9:30am for the announcement of the 2022 Connecticut’s Kid Governor! The live announcement can be viewed on our YouTube Channel and on our Facebook page.

#CTKGvotes2021: Congratulations to Ms. Maloney’s 5th Grade Class!

The winner of the #CTKGvotes2021 Photo Contest is Ms. Maloney’s 5th Grade Class at St. Ann’s Catholic Academy in Bridgeport! Congratulations to Ms. Maloney and to all of the classes who submitted photos this year.

Meet the 2021 Statewide Election Candidates!

Polls are now CLOSED to Connecticut Fifth Graders to select one of the 2021 Statewide Election Candidates to become the 2022 Connecticut’s Kid Governor! Students can watch their campaign videos and learn about these seven students and their platforms HERE.

Congratulations to Brian, Elizabeth, Madelyn, Makhi, Olivia, Samantha, and Satvik on becoming this year’s candidates for Connecticut’s Kid Governor!

You can watch the announcement of the 2021 Candidates with Mr. C below!

Connecticut’s Kid Governor® is a national award-winning civics program created by The Connecticut Democracy Center at Connecticut’s Old State House. The program is presented with major funding and support from CT Humanities and the Gawlicki Family Foundation, and in partnership with the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies.