Why Is This Important?

“I think the experience you should take away is that Kid Governor makes fifth graders think that not just adults but WE can change the world.”

Kid Governor® Student

Participation in civic life begins with the belief that one person can make a difference; but that person need more than passion for their cause. Effective change-makers understand how government works, the role of people in a community’s success, the power of research, and the importance of critical thinking. They also understand the value of speaking up, being informed, and voting. The younger students learn and internalize these lessons, the better prepared they will be to be civically engaged, leaders, and registered voters when they turn 18.

Effective, adaptable, easy-to-use, and free to teachers, Georgia’s Kid Governor® brings civics and civic engagement to life and generates student excitement. Our vision is that every 5th grader in the state has:

  • An opportunity to engage with civic life by learning to vote, think critically, lead, research, propose solutions for community issues, and carry out plans for change.
  • Access to Kid Governor®, a turnkey program that helps prepare for active and meaningful participation in civic life.