Program Dates

N&V = Nominating & Voting Classes
V-O = Voting-Only Classes

  • September 28, 2022 N&VParent-Guardian Permission Packet sent home with students.
  • October 3, 2022 N&V: Recommended start for in-class Toolkit lessons. Signed permission form should be returned to teacher by this date.
  • October 27, 2022 N&V: Teachers must submit their nominee’s campaign video, entry forms, and media release forms to OICA by 5:00pm (must be received by this date and time).
  • October 31, 2022 V-O: Recommended start for in-class Toolkit lessons.
  • November 4, 2022: Statewide Election Candidates announced and voting information posted at
  • November 7-15, 2022: Statewide Election!
  • November 21-23, 2022: Live announcement of the elected 2023 Kid Governor (tentative).
  • February 2023: Inauguration in Atlanta. The 2023 Kid Governor, their Cabinet Members, and their families are invited to attend the Inauguration in person.